Dating Site Scams: How not to Fall a Victim to a Filthy Business?

How to Spot a Fake Profile?

Online dating and romantic communication is a global trend that has been growing rapidly lately. Fake profiles and romance scamming is the adverse side of such an online dating popularity. Russian female scammers have their own notorious rank in the international top internet dating scams list. Slavic women from a Russian scammers blacklist can be considered as con artists, who, as a rule, use a false identity to deceit for money and feelings. Unfortunately, they are in plenty in net, at free dating websites, in social networking platforms. Thus, to provide oneself with a genuine communication it is important to treat all online interactions with a grain of salt and be aware how to spot a fake profile.

What are fake profiles?

«Fake» means not authentic, copied, used for phishing and romance scamming online. Crooks and online scammers have other motives than genuine single Russian women searching for love.They do not aim at developing relationship with a foreign man. Sex and greed inspire them. They are after your money not love or marriage.

However, it’s worth to mention that usually these motives are hard to spot from the start and whoever can be trapped in the gorgeous nets. Russian female scammers are rather good in a man’s psychology and, as a rule, are not at all novice at romance frauds. Therefore, while in online communication with a pretty Slavic girl keep your eyes open and trust your personal instincts. If something seems weird or suspicious about a girl, or everything seems too good to be true, you’d better stay away from such a communication.

Russian internet dating scams can be performed by gorgeous Slavic women themselves, men or women in disguise using a false identification or dishonest disreputable dating scam websites. Fake profiles can be usually traced in free dating clubs, in Facebook and other popular social platforms, with one-day dating websites. The girl’s profile there is not checked duly, both her real availability and true motives are unknown. Relative anonymity of a fraudster can be provided by such websites that makes all romance scamming possible.

How to spot a fake profile?

  1. A girl of a dream contacts you first, on her own initiative without any common social background. If a beautiful Russian woman approaches you initially, usually with an email or a short text accompanied with a tempting breath-taking picture, be sure – it is 99% romance scam
  2. She is too good to be true. Good-looking model like pictures, professional or of a very good quality that are showcasing a gorgeous and awesome Slavic girl, very young and sexy, are usually an obvious sign of Russian female scammers. Yes, Ukrainian and Russian women are globally famous for their awesome looks. Thus, it’s «natural» that their beauty can be commonly used as a bait to lure Western men into a sweet fraud with income in bucks and euros.
  3. Sad life circumstances. If your fancy Slavic woman has got any pitiful life circumstances like ill or dead relatives, poor or no income, war conditions she lives in, or whatever that can touch you, be aware! These are red flags to pay attention to and it’s better to distract yourself from such a connection before you start saving this poor creature from her «hardships».
  4. Record inconsistencies. As soon as life stories that are used in girl profiles are invented, there can be many inconsistencies traced. Romance scammers, as a rule, communicate with many male victims in the same time. They usually lie differently while answering the same questions about them. If you spot any inconsistency in a girl’s story, it’s a bad sign. Genuine girls won’t forget or make mistakes in their personal details.
  5. Finding out details of your social and material status. While talking with you Russian female scammers can from time to time ask rather weird and not usual in online conversation questions about the house you are living in, your income, your vehicle or, for example, about your credit cards. It’s obviously not a point to be discussed online, and your vis-a-vis must be a fraudster.
  6. Very quickly developed romantic feelings. Be really aware of swift declarations of love, affection, and romance from your beautiful Russian girl online. If someone you’ve never met, who lives thousands of miles away from you, and who has barely revealed themselves gets amorous with you, be suspicious.
  7. She refuses to show on cam with you. Female scammers will refuse to use a webcam in Skype or video calls in messengers by all possible means. It’s a red flag for you, if your beloved girl escapes from eye-to-eye communication.
  8. Asking for financial help. Never send money to ladies you have met online! Whatever reason female internet scammer can declare, asking for financial transaction during online communication is a 100 % fraud. Do you really think that you are the only one who can save her from life troubles? To stop such communication immediately will be the best solution in this romance scamming situation.

Finally, while in online dating always question your own emotions and motivations. If you start to feel something for a girl who declares she loves you online, it’s better to think twice. Trust yourself, pay attention to above-mentioned fake profiles features. It’s better to block and report any suspicious connections without any mercy than suffer from Russian female scammers.

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