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Russian Internet Dating Scams and Russian Scammers Blacklist

Recent Russian Internet Dating Scam Blog

It’s All About Money:

What are Russian Internet Dating Scams?

Dear gents,
Let me guess, you are reading this article now because:
— you consider a possibility to find a Russian bride online
— you are already in communication with a Russian girl online
— you would like to gain confidence in your dream Russian beauty: she is real and your relationship is genuine
— you have already had your painful and expensive scam experience while dating online
— you simply like reading (ha-ha)

This article aims at better understanding why Russian internet dating scams exist as a popular phenomenon. Forewarned is forearmed. No need to become paranoid thinking about Russian scammers blacklist and all the stuff like this all the time while in correspondence with a Russian woman you fancy so much. Please go ahead and read in order not to destroy real sincere relations.

By statistics ONLY 10-15 % OF GIRLS and women from former Soviet Union countries (means Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan and others) are motivated to develop serious long-term relationship or get married with a foreigner. Online dating is not a bed of roses especially if it lasts long time without a real meeting. No chance of knowing a stranger, the language and cultural differences can become a huge real obstacle for any relationship.

Therefore, if you are lucky to communicate with a beautiful Russian (the common word for all Russian speaking girls) girlfriend first of all MAKE SURE SHE IS REAL and coincides with her gorgeous pictures. Online communication with a cam can solve this awkward situation in no time. If a girl ignores your offer to open up by any reason, you can suspend a scam.

Secondly, THE COMMON LANGUAGE. The best possible variant if a girl speaks good English / your native language. This makes your communication much easier and more confident. If her language is not perfect at least she is motivated to study and makes effort to progress in learning. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY MEDIATORS TRANSLATING YOUR THOUGHTS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR WOMAN. Better she makes a lot of mistakes in her English but she writes herself. Translation of correspondence is an enormous step to a scam usually used by individual scammers or dating agencies. But if a girl is really interested in you she will be searching any opportunity to talk to you by all means. Texting is one of the best ways to know each other reading through lines.

When you meet a woman online and you like to know her better, the workable solution will be to INITIATE A REAL MEETING SOONEST. It’s a good checking point for any online dating case. Oral consecutive translation during an introductory meeting, in my opinion, can be the best solution for a potential couple as a translator breaks the ice between communicators facilitating better understanding and tuning up.

The last but not the least – if you are asked for any financial help by a girl online it is a scam. DO NOT SEND HER MONEY. Visit your woman or organize her coming to you. You can always make it via reputable agency that facilitates and guarantees your visit and provides quality meet and greet, translation and client support services.